Health and Safety in a Childcare Setting – Risky Play!

Health and Safety in a Childcare Setting – Risky Play!

£23.00 (exc. VAT)

Our first online learning course is one of our most popular and in-depth courses, Health and Safety in a Childcare Setting – Risky Play. This course delivers the same outstanding level of learning as our location-based training, but allow learners to complete the training at a time and pace to suit themselves.


The Health and Safety in a Childcare Setting – Risky Play course considers COMPLIANCE, BEST PRACTICE and EVIDENCE FOR OFSTED and will include:

  • Presentation notes and information on key health and safety legislation including the Early Years Foundation Stage
  • quizzes to test your EYFS knowledge
  • links to Government websites to enhance your learning and understanding
  • an interview with a nursery area manager who talks about best practice and how children are kept safe and well across all of their settings
  • video footage of children taking part in forest school activities along with their outstanding childminder explaining how she helps children manage risk themselves
  • advice from ex inspectors on what Ofsted will want to see in an early years inspection
  • downloadable tools to help with risk assess and cross reference with the EYFS
  • plus lots more………and a certificate to evidence your training experience
Module 1 Introduction
Lesson 1 Introduction  
Lesson 2 Overview of Module 2: Legislation  
Lesson 3 Overview of Module 3: Communication  
Lesson 4 Overview of Module 4: Risk  
Lesson 5 Overview of Module 5: Evidence for Ofsted  
Module 2 Legislation
Lesson 1 Legislation – Health and Safety and the law.  
Lesson 2 Early Years Foundation Stage – Safeguarding and Welfare Requirements  
Lesson 3 Keeping Children Safe and Well  
Lesson 4 Health - Medicines  
Lesson 5 Health –food and drink  
Lesson 6 Health – accident or injury  
Lesson 7 Safety and suitability of premises, environment and equipment  
Lesson 8 Paediatric First Aid Training Requirements  
Module 3 Communication
Lesson 1 Introduction to Communication  
Lesson 2 What information do we obtain from parents that support children’s health and safety ?  
Lesson 3 How do we maintain that ‘two-way flow of information’ between ourselves and parents?  
Module 4 Risk Assessment / Risk Benefit
Lesson 1 Risk Assessment  
Lesson 2 Good risk vs bad risk  
Lesson 3 Trips and Outings  
Module 5 Evidence for Ofsted
Lesson 1 Evidence for Ofsted inspection  


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