Our partner company Health and Safety Solutions (NW) Ltd have delivered Paediatric First Aid training to early years settings, including childminders for over 12 years. In partnership with our awarding body, The First Aid Industry Body, Early Years Hub is offering a discount to purchase the In Safe Hands Award’ for all settings who complete our Paediatric First Aid training from September 2018.

What is the In Safe Hands Award?

The award is available to all childcare settings, including, pre-schools, nurseries and childminders within the UK. It ensures that paediatric first aid practice goes above and beyond the requirements of the Early Years Foundation Stage and recognises a settings commitment to safeguard children.

What do settings need to do to achieve the In Safe Hands Award?

Settings need to achieve a minimum of 35% of staff to have training in Paediatric First Aid (12 hours) and a minimum of 35% training in Emergency Paediatric First Aid (6 hours).

Each setting must produce a compliance folder containing the following;

  • A health and safety risk assessment
  • A first aid risk assessment
  • A first aid emergency procedure guide
  • A list of current paediatric first aiders

What is the cost of the In Safe Hands Award?

The award can be purchased from the First Aid Industry Body at a discounted rate of £18 plus VAT for all those who have attended our PFA training by quoting EYH1. Names of attendees and the date of the course will be required in order to cross reference this offer.

What will the In Safe Hands Award provide us with?

  • The Childcare setting achieving the “In Safe Hands Award” will be listed in geographical areas on the FAIB website (with an e-mail link if requested).
  • The Childcare setting must complete a return (showing the number and type of Paediatric First Aider) every 6 months signed by the Settings (OFSTED) Registered person. If the 6 monthly return is not completed (at the 6 month stage) the Childcare setting will be suspended (temporarily) and the setting removed from the FAIB website.
  • An annual Certificate of registration will be sent out to the Childcare facility electronically.
  • The childcare setting will have the opportunity to purchase an “In Safe Hands Award” plaque showing the “In Safe Hands Award” Registration number.  (Cost approx. £30 + VAT)

How does the In Safe Hands Award support best practice in early years?

We know that the Early Years Foundation Stage states that ‘children learn best when they are healthy, safe and secure’. A strengthened focus on children’s safety is always a good sign that a setting is prepared to go the extra mile to ensure that children are kept safe and well. There is no expectation by Ofsted for a setting to achieve anything other that what the EYFS requires. The Ofsted Early Years Handbook does state however, that ‘inspectors will always have regard for how well children are helped and protected so that they are kept safe’. We believe that the award demonstrates not only a commitment to children but also provides an opportunity to show others, particularly parents, that you have achieved a high standard in practice that always places children’s interests first.

To book your Paediatric First Aid training with us contact us at enquiries@health-safetysolutions.net or visit our website www.earlyyearshub.co.uk

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