The Safeguarding Hub provides a learning community for early years professionals to access resources and all things safeguarding and child protection.

We know how difficult it can be to keep up-to-date with topics, themes and current developments in safeguarding and child protection, even more so to understand how these themes relate to the early years sector. Our Safeguarding Hub will give you access to a number of exciting interactive new interactive resources.

Three main features of the Safeguarding Hub:

  • Information and updates

Alerts to new developments and important changes that impact upon safeguarding

Policy example for you to edit and copy to suit the needs of your setting

Factsheets full of useful advice and guidance

  • Establishing best practice

Safeguarding and Child Protection standards framework tool

Short film clips covering relevant topics and examples of best practice

Links to inspection processes that demonstrate compliance and best practice

  • Sharing knowledge

Quizzes and scenarios to use with staff teams helping to update knowledge in between training

Interviews with experts in the field on a variety of subjects

Learning from serious case reviews